Welcome to Belgium's Premier Executive Forum

Created in 2002, the Executives' Circle is a private initiative gathering Belgium's foremost business leaders and the intellectual elite within an exclusive forum to share experiences, learn from best practices and confront opinions on today's key managerial, leadership and societal challenges.

Moreover, we aim at creating a 'bridge' between the key corporate functions (CEO, CFO, CIO, CHRO, CMO) for openly examining their respective mandates and challenges, understanding each other's agenda and priorities, learning from real life best practices, and confronting innovative ideas with an ultimately selected group of peers.

The Executive's Circle works within and across a series of themes and areas relating to successful business strategies, business transformation and business governance to create a real-world, enterprise-wide perspective that helps business executives respond today, anticipate tomorrow, and make the most accurate decisions every day. Moreover, the Circle also intends to be an influential platform to stimulate leadership development and elevation of thinking. Equally important is our engagement to make the corporate executive function more focused, more accountable and better respected.

As a voluntarily elitist and discreet place to think, the Executive's Circle is accessible by personal invitation only.

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